Chiptuning - Engine and gearbox ECU software optimizing and DPF-filter (Diesel particulate filter) removal

chiptuningWe offer professional assistance in optimizing engine software, resulting in an increase in engine power of 20-30% and a reduction in vehicle fuel consumption by 5-20%.Our main target group is petrol and diesel engines powered by turbos and turbocharged motors since 2001 (including vehicles from the EURO5 and EURO6 emission levels since 2009, with an engine control computer called tuningprotected). The chiptuning offered by us does not reduce the engine's work load or damage the engine. We also optimize the software of the VAG Group DSG, S-tronic and Multitronic gearboxes, which can change the time / stroke required for shifting, change the torque limiter, activate start control, etc.


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dpf-warning-light dpf-eemaldamine dpf-remove


Our services include DPF (diesel particulate filter) or FAP (filter à particules), removing with the DPF functions from the engine control computer software. If you are worried about a DPF filter shape light is on and car have no power and You don't want buy a new DPF, we can help You and remove the particulate filter. Additionally, we may disable the display of various error messages, e.g. EGR, lambda sensor, intake manifold valves, etc. It should be borne in mind that the fact that, as a rule, the particulate filter on the vehicle becomes blocked due to a failure of any kind of power system it would be wise to carry out a thorough diagnostics of the power system and, if necessary repair the vehicle before removing the particulate filter, after repairing the vehicle's power system often the DPF work normalizes. Since we own a majority of brand-name branded diagnostic equipment and expertise, we offer proffessional diagnostic services. In the more complex cases where, for example, the injector needs to be controlled we are working closely with Diislimeister OÜ who will also be able to help with very difficult problems.


It is always possible to restore the vehicle's original settings, which we keep in our database.