Tuotenumero: 00R28-B
Tavaramerkki: Lazer Lamps
Varastotilanne: Tuotetta ei varastossa
1273,20 €
Alumiinium korpus
Polükarbonaat klaas mis on kaetud spetsiaalse lakiga
IP67 veekindlus
Kaal – 3,90 kg
Laius 1305mm, kõrgus 73mm, sügavus 103mm
Võimsus 315w
Valgustugevus 28700 LM
Valgusvihu kaugus 2546m
Hind sisaldab 1xTriple-R 28 tuli, 1xkülje-kinnitused


Toote info:

25 200 Lm

25% päevavalgust 2536 meetrit

3 x päevavalgus 1273 meetrit



Voltage Range 9-32V
LED Life 50,000 hours
Optical Efficiency 92%
Weight 3900 gr
Total Luminous Flux 25200 Lm
Number of High Output LEDs 28
Power Consumption 315 Watts
Current Draw (at 14.4V) 21.9 Amps
High Beam Not certified
Width 1305 mm
Depth 103 mm
Height 73 mm


The Triple-R light bar range brings motorsport and world rally performance to the off-road market. At 51”, the Triple-R 28 is our biggest and most powerful LED lighting system which when used for night-time and low-light off-road driving and recreation, delivers an unrivalled level of long-range illumination surpassing all others.


Tuned for a spot beam pattern, while still achieving a decent spread of light in the mid-long range, the Triple-R 28 comprises 28 high power LEDs producing 25,200 lumens at only 315 watts. The light delivers 1 lux at a staggering distance of 1273m, while through the use of the Triple-R Reeded Lens system, the beam pattern can be easily tailored to provide additional spread when, or if, required.


Comprising our unique vacuum metallised hooded reflector system (with 100% light utilisation), a CAE optimised heatsink, and electronic thermal management system, the light output from the Triple-R 28 is optimised at all times. Furthermore, the rear-facing orientation of the LEDs reduces ‘scatter’ and enhances lighting performance in environments where fog or dust is prevalent.


As with all Lazer products, we design our products in-house utilising the latest and most advanced component technologies to maximise performance and reliability. The unique styling of the Triple-R range alongside a fully aluminium enclosure, gore-tex breather membrane, and virtually unbreakable polycarbonate lens cover, means the Triple-R 28 will look good in even the toughest of environments.


The light comes with vehicle wiring kit and both side brackets and sliding centre mounts, to ensure maximum flexibility and ease of vehicle fitment. For off-road driving the Triple-R 28 delivers a level of illumination which quite simply will not be beaten.


What's included:
- x1 Triple-R 28 Standard LED Lamp
- x2 Centre Mount (1114k)
- x1 Side Bracket Kit (1118k)
- x1 Single-Lamp Wiring Kit with Switch (8216-12V-SW)
- x1 Wiring and Installation Instructions 

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